皇冠博彩 School (CRMS) is governed by a board of directors that is responsible for guiding and assessing the effective implementation of the CRMS mission:
皇冠博彩学校培养孩子天生的好奇心, 呈现培养独立性的学习经历, creative thinkers who continuously build their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The 董事会 is responsible for the governance and fiscal stability of 皇冠博彩 School.

董事会的任务包括:参与战略规划过程, 在更广泛的社区内建立网络,以获得晋升机会, 聘请和评估校长. The 董事会 is made up of no fewer than five members who serve three year terms.


  • 董事会,2023年

    Sephy Elizai
    原产于德克萨斯州, Sephy made his way to the Northwest by attending Seattle University after his four-year US Air Force tour of duty. He became an educator working with the Ministry of Education in Tel Aviv, Israel. Sephy has been a language teacher also in Watsonville, Aptos and Santa Cruz, California. In 2018-2019, Sephy worked as the Spanish Language Specialist at 皇冠博彩 School, 他很高兴能在董事会任职,继续与学校保持联系. 塞菲目前是博塞尔华盛顿预备学校的西班牙语教师.

    卡罗尔Husmann是普罗维登斯圣. 约瑟夫健康,支持圣. 约瑟夫社区伙伴基金和其他普罗维登斯服务领域. 在这个角色中, Carol provides key technical support and project management for grants and Community Health Needs Assessments across the Providence system. With more than 20 years of administrative and project management experience in a variety of industries, 卡罗尔有效地推进了基本职能并简化了流程. Her strong organizational and technological skills contribute to effective grantmaking that addresses complex problems to improve equity in the community. Prior to her current role, she supported executives at Seattle University, Starbucks, and Hertz. Carol graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet.

    Annie is a proud immigrant from Portugal and has lived in the PNW area since 2016. 她对幼儿教育很感兴趣, 数学, 和特殊教育, 我过去几年一直在这些地方做保姆, 导师, 和paraeducator. She spent her childhood in a small farm-like environment and has carried the values of respect of nature, 其他人, 动物, 食物来源贯穿了她的整个职业生涯和个人生活. She has always felt like she wanted to participate more in decisions about education, 但她想在她的观点和价值观受到欢迎和赞赏的地方这样做. 在雪松河蒙特梭利学校, 她找到了一个能反映她的价值观和童年的地方, 以及对所有学生的教育和成功的承诺, 所以她才加入董事会. 她是一个终生的学习者和学生, 我很高兴能与董事会一起为学校的利益而努力. 


    Matt lives in Tacoma with his wife, daughter, and their ball loving border collie. He is currently the Director of Development and Auxiliary Programming at Gig Harbor Academy and comes from over 15 years of experience as an elementary aged classroom teacher in 独立的 and public schools along with a foundation in outdoor and environmental education. 他目前是当地一所私立学校校友会董事会的成员, 最近通过NWAIS完成了一个新兴领导力皇冠博彩app, 并积极寻求支持学校和教育机构的方法. When Matt is not supporting schools he can often be found checking out new playgrounds for his toddler, 在西北地区与家人和朋友共度时光, or finding ways to stay active with the most recent learning challenge; wing, 之后, 还有冲浪板. A recent visit to CRMS reinforced the desire to serve on this 董事会 to support and push forward the sustainable vision and mission of 皇冠博彩 School.
  • 董事会官员,2023年

    Jill lives in Newcastle with her husband, daughter, their big fluffy dog and three cats. She is an attorney and spent twenty years practicing employment law in her own private practice, 代表员工和少数小企业.  吉尔曾在其他几个非营利组织的董事会任职, 比如失业法皇冠博彩app, King County Bar Association and the the King County Chapter of the Washington Women Lawyers Association. 吉尔的女儿目前就读于雪松河大学. CRMS’s mission and values align with Jill’s educational and professional background, serving on the Board helps feed her lifelong passion for working towards equity and anti discrimination. 

    在阿拉斯加出生和长大, Schuyler Reid (she/her/hers) sought out adventure in Shanghai and New York City before settling down in West Seattle to enjoy a quieter pace of life. 环游世界的时候, Schuyler realized her passion for human rights advocacy and found fulfilling work in impactful, 为导向的组织. 她目前在一家国际人权非营利组织工作, she has the exciting privilege of building engaging and meaningful learning and development opportunities for over 500 staff in almost 50 countries. 在她空闲的时候, 斯凯勒喜欢做志愿者, 探索华盛顿宏伟的公园, 在她家附近找免费的小图书馆, 烘焙美味佳肴, 把自然景色绣在枕套上.

    艾米丽的职业是会计. She has spent most of her career in the manufacturing industry working primarily on costing, 财务报表, 对账, 战略报告, 管理预算. Emily got her Bachelors of Science in 数学 and Accounting from Linfield College and went on to get her CPA a few years after graduation. 她来自俄勒冈州,大学毕业后搬到了西雅图. In her spare time, Emily enjoys spending time on the lake with her fiance and two children.

    Renae Howard,秘书
    Renae Howard is an avid supporter of Montessori education, and is the parent of a Cedar River alumni. 出生并成长在太平洋西北部, 蕾妮喜欢在西雅图地区的湖泊和池塘划皮艇. Renae's background is in bookkeeping and office management and she is grateful to have supported 皇冠博彩 in a shared role as Business Manager for several years. Renae's recent career has included supporting growing tech firms and real estate companies. Renae目前为中小型公司提供记账支持. 她希望把自己作为校友家长的经验贡献给大家, 还有一名前雇员, 皇冠博彩学校董事会. 

Are you passionate about Montessori education and the importance of connecting to the natural world?

Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity where your time and expertise will be respected and harnessed to create real, 儿童生活的积极变化, 我们的社区, 在我们的生态系统中? 如果是这样,我们的董事会发展委员会很乐意和你谈谈!
We are always interested in meeting with people who share our passions and would like to learn more about serving on our 董事会! 我们鼓励来自不同文化和社区的个人申请. 请点击下面阅读我们的董事会职位描述(PDF), 并通过填写一份简短的联系表格开始申请流程. 董事会发展委员会将很快与您联系-谢谢!